S E R V I C E  R A T E S

In-Home Organizing

In-Home Consultation

45 Minutes


Package A

8 Total Hours


Package C

20 Total Hours


Hourly Rate

3 Hours Minimum


Package B

12 Total Hours


Downsizing Packages

Simplifying life can be both exciting and overwhelming. Sorting through decades worth of memories takes time and planning. Let us help you plan it out and guide you through the process.  


Downsizing Package A & B include a customized action plan and timeline to meet the clients goals and needs.

Downsizing Consultastion

45 Minutes


Downsizing A

8 Hours w/ Organizer


Downsizing Action Plan

Customized Plan


Downsizing B

20 Hours w/ Organizer


Virtual Organizing

Virtual Consultation

45 Minutes


Session B

6 Total Hours/3 Sessions


Session A

2 Total Hours/1 Session


Package C

10 Hours/5 Sessions


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